Men’s Social Group

A social club for men over the age of 18

Right now, we’re organized around house parties of 10-15 people, depending on the space available.

Can you help organize?

We need help looking for space, organizing hotel parties, organizing smaller house parties, and (if we continue to have parties where hosts want us to meet attendees beforehand) having orientation chats with members. We’re looking for a larger space, but until then, we can do smaller house parties. Can you help in any way? If so, please contact us and let’s get jacking!

Please leave your contact information to be notified of upcoming meetings and help make the group a reality.

Guys Just Gotta Have Fun

Horny? Do you like jerking off? Would you like a regular, fun social group to connect with? You’re not the only one! Jerking off is a hot way to have fun with like-minded guys. If you’ve never done it before, it’s a safe, friendly way to explore. The New York Jacks, a jack off club in New York city, has been going strong for over 30 years.

We’re don’t have a regular gathering space, but we host parties in members’ homes when we have volunteers to host. We have an email list and send out announcements of gatherings.

Who are the guys?

Everyone is welcome. In practice, the group has evolved to be mainly men between 19 and 45 of all races. We have mostly otters, twinks, and boy-next-door types, with a few bears and jocks. Our goal is for everyone who comes to find several guys they find attractive.

What’s a gathering like?

Parties last 1.5 hours. We arrive around the same time, have an opening circle, and then get down to play! In the opening circle, we introduce ourselves and make any special requests (e.g. to be bukkake boy, or for something in particular that you want to do). Then we change into our party clothes and start playing.

Party clothes are anything sexual. Getting nude is most common, but we’ve had guys play in t-shirts, or baseball caps, or sneakers. Clothing fetishes are welcome and encouraged. Bring your own towel and lube. Guys can jerk off alone, in groups, or give each other a hand. Sometimes we have a space for socializing and a space dedicated to jerking.

If there’s enough interest, we could also have theme nights or role playing nights, where we could role play members’ fantasies.

If you just want to watch, that’s fine, too, but we ask that you strip down at most to one article of clothing, be it just your underwear, or just your t-shirt. Street clothes can be a buzzkill unless they’re being worn as part of a fantasy scenario.

When do you meet?

Until we have a permanent space, we are meeting in private homes. Our ability to schedule gatherings will depend on the space we have available. When we have limited capacity, we will announce a meeting via the email list, and accept RSVPs. If a party is oversubscribed, we try to balance out who we take so everyone has a chance to attend.

Why we like jacking off together

Group JO sessions aren’t like other sexual activities. Everyone is on equal footing. There are no doms or subs, tops, or bottoms. Everyone present has jacked off before, so it’s known territory. It’s also a great way to get off without the pressure that can come with other sexual activity. You are welcome to give or receive a helping hand (with consent, of course), or you can have a great time just getting yourself off. Choose whatever you’re comfortable with, whatever you’re in the mood for. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and hanging out.


We welcome everyone, and are already getting interest from men who identify as straight, bisexual, or on the DL. Everything that happens in the group stays in the group.
By attending, you agree to keep everything that happens at the group, as well as who attends, completely confidential. Furthermore, you agree not to contact other group members outside the meetings unless they explicitly agree in advance.
The membership list will never be shared or used for anything except to announce meetups.

Is there a charge?

There will be costs involved when we host in a hotel. We’ll want to find a way to have the whole group pitch in. Whether this will be a per-meeting requested donation or a flat membership fee will depend on costs.

How can I learn more?

You can read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information. If you would like to talk to a real person, send mail to us through our contact form, and we’ll have someone get back to you.

Come get involved!

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Your information is completely confidential. We use it only to plan meetings and will never share it with anyone.

If you have joined the list before and wish to re-subscribe, please mention that in the notes. Once you've unsubscribed, my email system will only re-add you with manual intervention and you need to let me know that's necessary.

Please leave something unique! Leaving a single letter or a name like "M" means you'll be confused with everyone else who did that, too.

You can click the SignUp button now, or answer the optional questions to help us better plan groups.


These questions help organizing groups so we can find times and places that work for everyone, etc.

Please leave a number we can text to speed up our ability to organize on the fly. If you leave this blank, we'll use email, but that has the disadvantage that if you identify yourself as "John," we won't know which of the 19 Johns you are.
Please send along a picture so we have a face to connect with your name. Pictures are never shared unless you give explicit permission.

Your types

What's your type and who you're attracted to? We may try to have some specialized groups, and this will help us know what combinations of guys will work.

How would you describe yourself?
How would you describe yourself?
What guys are you attracted to?
What guys are you attracted to?

When and where can you meet?

Monthly, weekly, etc.

Events may be in private homes, AirBNB, or hotels. Private home events are smaller. All events require advance RSVP. Both hotels and AirBNB would require splitting the costs, shooting for $10-$20 per person

Where can you attend?
Some attendees may prefer to watch or be nervous about getting undressed in a group setting. Yet having clothed attendees can create a weird vibe for other member (unless, of course, the clothing is part of a role play or clothing fetish). Should we disallow clothing?
The group will initially be oriented around JO and circle jerks. Some members have expressed an interest in oral as well. Others thing that keeping things JO only make it safer and more open for men who identify as straight or curious.
If someone referred you, please let us know who.